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Essay on Book Review of Sweeter Than Juice - 937 Words

Book Review of â€Å"The Sweeter The Juice† by Shirlee Taylor Haizlip The book â€Å"The Sweeter The Juice† is part autobiography and part family narrative of Shirlee Taylor Haizlip and her extended family. Her family narrative is composed of stories about the lineage of her mother and father; these stories were a product of extensive research into historical documents and accounts of relatives passed down from generation to generations. Haizlip intertwines her family stories with historical figures and events allowing for the audience to be able to relate certain characters to the timeline of the history of the United States. As well, she provides personal accounts of her experiences while researching for her family’s past: where she traveled,†¦show more content†¦As Shirlee found out from accounts of relatives, when family members visited one another, all windows were closed and covered by thick curtains, no visitors were welcome and the whole entire event was a secret from the outside world. These family members had turned awa y from their origins and practically abandoned one another for the chance to live not happily but peacefully as someone else. These are the kind of people described by Haizlip who abandoned her mother on the other side of the color line. On the other end of the spectrum, the black end, is the story of Shirlee’s father and his family history. This narrative, Haizlip tells with pride; she mentions how she would have very much liked to meet her Native American grandmother from years back and how she too would have loved to have a name like â€Å"White Cloud.† In this narrative there is no shame, no abandonment, and no sadness. This is a story of a family and it’s success despite their skin color and the changing times around them. Her father, as his father before him, had inspired her with confidence and pride in the way she was, dark or light, and from this end of the spectrum she learned to love the dark pigment in her skin. Haizlip tells various stories of black communities in which her father grew up and how her grandfather was respected by his fellow citizen. This is a completely different story than that of her mother. Instead of running away from their darkness, her father’s family reached for it, yearnedShow MoreRelatedObesity : The Major Cost Drivers For Health Care2315 Words   |  10 Pagesunderstanding of the topic. Fueled mainly by those with diabetes and those seeking to lose weight, the Global market for artificial sweeteners is projected to reach nearly $1.9 billion dollars by 2017. With the added potential of synthesizing newer, sweeter substitutes present, it is no wonder that more zero calorie sweeteners are being proposed on a regular basis, with the most recent sweetener, Advantame, gaining FDA approval in 2014. The growing market necessitates the stringent investigation regardingRead More Teaching Race Explicitly in the Classroom Essay4727 Words   |  19 Pagesblack students who attend all-black schools tend to be more successful than those attending predominantly white schools. Even though these schools often lack resources and financial stability, they nonetheless produce more high achieving black students than predominantly white schools. For instance, according to Fleming, black students attending Historically Black Universities and Colleges (HBUC) have higher graduation rates than those attending predominately white institutions. Also, students whoRead MoreCoca Cola Organizational Theory Essay19602 Words   |  79 PagesCoca-Cola © with a solid foundation to greatly expand its operations overseas. Over time, The Coca-Cola Company has remained adamant about staying in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Besides soft drinks, The Coca-Cola Company sells energy drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks, tea, and water. The current focus of The Coca-Cola Company is still that of growth. The current objective of the organization â€Å"is to use our formidable assets-brands, financial strength, unrivaled distribution system, globalRead MoreLanzones Peelings as Mosquito Coil7282 Words   |  30 Pageslanzones was the only part of the fruit that will be used for the research. Mosquito coil from lanzones peelings was tested inside the house of  the researchers at Commonwealth Extension Passi, City during the school year 2012 – 2013. Chapter II Review of Related Literature This chapter contains literature about the research topic, â€Å"Mosquito coil from Lanzones peelings (Lansium domesticum)†. The facts and writings in this chapter would give the researchers and readers a wider background and informationRead MoreStarbucks strategy7015 Words   |  29 Pagesdistributing is done through the company owned stores. The coffee producing locations are very carefully chosen and the processes used for roasting them are very exact. The beans which do not meet standards or those that remain in the bin for more than one week are donated to charity. This is another decision making criterion which needs to be considered during expansion since the choice of not sourcing locally producing beans adds to the operating costs. Scope of Study This case triesRead MoreOpportunities23827 Words   |  96 Pagesswank Ginza district. Surrounded by commercial activity, the establishment was bound to attract attention from thousands of pedestrians each day. In keeping with established practice, the company intended to rely on consumer word of mouth rather than on traditional advertising. The Starbucks brand had developed quickly in the United States and Canada, gaining widespread recognition and interest among consumers in these countries. In entering Asia, Schultz and his senior management team were bettingRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pagesaccomplish the organizational goals. As human resources have become viewed as more critical to organizational success, many organizations have realized that it is the people in an organization that can provide a competitive advantage.2 Throughout the book it will be emphasized that the people as human resources contribute to and affect the competitive success of the organization. Human Resource (HR) management deals with the design of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficientRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 PagesEDITOR George Hoffman Lise Johnson Carissa Doshi Dorothy Sinclair Matt Winslow Amy Scholz Carly DeCandia Alana Filipovich Jeof Vita Arthur Medina Allison Morris This book was set in 10/12 New Caledonia by Aptara ®, Inc. and printed and bound by Courier/Westford. The cover was printed by Courier/Westford. This book is printed on acid-free paper. Copyright  © 2009, 2006, 2004, 2001, 1998, 1995, 1992, 1989, 1986, 1981, 1976 John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication

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Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide - 2367 Words

General Overview â€Å"Euthanasia is directly or indirectly bringing about the death of another person for that person’s sake; it is thought to provide a benefit or a good for the person by ending a life deemed no longer worth living-a situation that typically arises when someone has an incurable or terminal disease that causes great suffering or when someone experiences an irreversible loss of consciousness,† (Vaughn, 2010, p. 292). â€Å"Related to, but distinct from, active voluntary euthanasia is physician-assisted suicide-the killing of a person by the person’s own hand with the help of a physician,† (Vaughn, 2010, p. 293). In all states in America expect one it is illegal. There is a lot of controversy surrounding euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, from supporters of many different theories. Some believe that human life should be more about quality rather than quantity. Should a person who has a terminal illness is required to live in pain? Could this cause more harm than good based on an overall happiness of everyone? Is it humane to allow someone to suffer over a long period of time because it is morally wrong to assist in suicide? Or is it okay for someone to make a choice with their own human life, based on their quality of life? If the family is the greatest number of people, do they decide on weather their loved one lives or dies? Does cost play a factor in how much care you will receive till you die? What about organ donation? Is it okay to end life for donationShow MoreRelatedEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide865 Words   |  4 Pagessubject for people; add in the idea of assisted suicides and there’s an uproar in society. Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide is a very controversial topic in our society today. Physician assisted suicide by def inition is â€Å"suicide by a patient facilitated by means (as a drug prescription) or information (as an indication of a lethal dosage) provided by a physician aware of the patient’s intent (Merriam-Webster). There are two modes of looking at assisted suicides; either it’s seen as an absurd immoralRead MoreEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide918 Words   |  4 Pagesallows terminally ill patients to end their lives with the assistance of a physician. According to the legislature, patients who seek assisted-death must only have six months to live and are required to submit a written request as well as two oral requests at least 15 days apart. (Reilly). While Gov. Jerry Brown still has yet to approve this new law, the act has shed light on the topic of euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide. With the pending status of the law, the question remains on whether or notRead MoreEuthanasia Or Physician Assisted Suicide961 Words   |  4 PagesEuthanasia or physician as sisted suicide, is the painless killing of a patient, suffering from a painful or incurable disease, like cancer, or alzheimer s, the practice is illegal in most countries, including the United States, although in the United States, it is a state decision, the only state in the United States that it is legal in is Oregon. Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act in 1994, making euthanasia legal for chronically ill patients, the only caveat is that the doctor is allowedRead MoreEuthanasia, And Physician Assisted Suicide863 Words   |  4 Pagesare: euthanasia, and physician assisted suicide. Internationally, assisted suicide is a doctor prescribing drugs that end life. The patient is responsible for taking them. Euthanasia is the medication administered by doctors. Today, four countries have laws that allow euthanasia. (Ellis and Bronwyn) A few have laws for physician assisted suicide, and several countries have no laws against suicide. (Humphry) The United States of America have recently added a 5th state to offer assisted suicideRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia Essay1039 Words   |  5 PagesPhysician Assisted Suicide Is physician assisted suicide ethical? Physician assisted suicide is an up and coming ethical question that examines a person’s right to their own death. Many people support physician assisted suicide, citing that it can save a lot of pain and suffering. Others claim that the concept of physician assisted suicide is a slippery slope. A slippery slope in the sense that if society accepts euthanasia as a rightful death for the terminally ill, they will potentially acceptRead MoreEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide1629 Words   |  7 Pagesproblems, assisted suicide creates options to reduce the amount of suffering the patient must enduring. Dying with dignity could be beneficial for not only the person who is dying, but also the person’s family and loved ones. This option, however, is often viewed as unethical and immoral throughout society. Physician-assisted suicide offers an option for those with health issues but poses various ethical and social issues. Assisted death is practiced in two different ways: euthanasia and physician-assistedRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia Essay1806 Words   |  8 PagesPuett WRIT 1401 12/06/16 Physician Assisted Suicide Beginning in the 1970s, terminally ill patients were given the right to refuse life-sustaining treatment to end their own life, a process commonly referred to as euthanasia. They would be taken off life support, and death would be allowed to take its natural course. This idea was controversial at first, but now a bigger issue has taken its place. Many patients claim that they reserve the right to physician assisted suicide—killing oneself with meansRead MoreEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide997 Words   |  4 PagesEuthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide: The Right to Die with Dignity (The Legalization, At Risk Groups, and Rebuttal) The possible legalization of voluntary euthanasia and physician assisted suicide brings concerns in regards to how well it will be accepted. There are contradictions that exists between government and church when it comes to the morals and values placed on human life. Although, society has concerns in regards to at risk community groups and the type of treatment availableRead MoreEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide1504 Words   |  7 Pageslegalizing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, we would provide â€Å"vulnerable† patients with better overall protection and health care, give patients (who are excruciatingly suffering and have no chance of recovery) the option to end their lives before they ever needed to go through such an ordeal and giving them peace of mind, and spare the families of the patients the emotional pain of watching their loved one slowly and painfully passing away. For these reasons, I believe that euthanasia and Physician-AssistedRead More Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide1249 Words   |  5 Pagesview euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide not as murder or suicide, but rather a release from the pain that holds down and a quicker, less painful way to get to the end that will happen anyways. Euthanasia is becoming much more of a hot topic in the news, both here at home in the US, as well as on the global stage with the new Prime Minister of Canada pushing for a law that would allow nationwide physician assisted death. As of now only a few states have legalized physician-assisted suicide

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The Middle East - 2106 Words

Nothing happens in a vacuum; events and phenomena that take place in one region have effects on the rest of the world. In no region has this been more relevant than in the Middle East. Understanding the Middle East as it was and currently is requires an in depth analysis of the events that have so shaped the region. By peering into the premodern, early-modern, modern, and contemporary periods, a comprehension of the Middle East and how it is situated within the global framework will be realized. The premodern period, which ran until 1450, contained two events fundamental to the history of the Middle East, the Birth of Islam, and the split between Shi’ism and Sunnism. Monotheism had been gaining global relevance throughout the premodern period, with the rise of Christianity and Judaism as religious powers. By the time of Muhammad’ birth in 570, various religious traditions had been established by Christianity and Judaism, which would be adopted into Islam. Because the ar ea in which Islam came to relevance was largely outside of European and Imperial influence, the religion exploded in the region. The Quran, or word of God, and the Hadith, or the collections of saying of Muhammad which would be the sources of Islamic law, became the central tenants of Islam. Further, the tenants of Islam such as Jihad, or fighting in the name of God, and Hijra, or the migration to Medina, would be contested and interpreted through the contemporary period. After the death of Muhammad, thereShow MoreRelatedThe Middle East821 Words   |  4 Pagesorientalist idea of the Middle East. It represented the faulty equation of Islam= Muslim= Arab= terrorist or religious fanatics. From the image of the magazine cover, a man dressed in the Middle-East attire can be seen standing on what looks like a balcony with the landscape of the Middle-East in the background. The image in the background presented the Middle East as underdeveloped in an effective manner. The image in the foreground by the top right corner signified the Middle East as an oil-hoardingRead MoreThe Middle East1118 Words   |  5 PagesBahauddin Foizee :The Middle East, especially the West Asian region, is the most volatile region in the world. The major reason of such regional instability is the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. One of these two rivals, Iran, has been suffering from a weak economy for decades because of the economic sanctions that are imposed on it by the International community for quite a long now. However, on 14th July, 2015, a deal was signed between Iran and the UNSC 5 plus 1 (Britain, China, FranceRead MoreThe Middle East871 Words   |  4 Pagesarticle discusses th e evolution of the Middle East and how much of the Middle East is currently coming out of, and in some cases still going through difficult revolutions. The article points to three, possibly four, defining stages in the Middle East. The first is the stage of the Cold War, the second is that of the Old Order, the third is the end to the Old Order, and the fourth is the current stage that they are in now. The point was made that much of the Middle East’s resentment to the West originatedRead MoreThe Middle East1661 Words   |  7 Pages18th centuries in the Middle East were periods marked by severe financial crisis, increased decentralization, and stronger external control by western nations. It was clear that members of Ottoman and Persian military and bureaucratic organizations needed to prove themselves worthy in comparison to the European nations in order to shift the global balance of power back towards the East. As a result, drastic political, economic, and social reforms were implemented in the Middle East throughout the 19thRead MoreThe Involvement Of The Middle East1598 Words   |  7 Pagesincluding innocent civilians, opposing forces, and U.S. troops and its allies. Trillions of dollars have been spent on the involvement in the Middle East for decades by the United States government, which orchestrated these results. The burden financially, has been measured in trillions of dollars, on multiple expenses, all relating to the involvement in the Middle East. Not only have these events impacted the U.S. financially, but many people have had to pay the ultimate price, with millions of peopleRead MoreThe Impact On The Middle East1430 Words   |  6 PagesAll throughout history from the from the pre-modern period all the way to the contemporary period, there have been major events both inside and outside of the middle east that have had an impact on the middle eastern communities. While some were more drastic than others, they all had an impact one way or another that helped shape the society we know of today. Starting with the pre-modern period, in 1095, the pope had called for a crusade which was in fact the only successful crusade. In this situationRead MoreCulture Of The Middle East4300 Words   |  18 Pagesexplored the culture of the Middle East because I find it very interesting and different from my own. I feel as if many people hold a strong negative feeling against people from the Middle East because of terrorist attacks in the past. Middle Eastern culture is different from American culture and some people are not culturally aware so they do not understand Middle Eastern culture, therefore, people judge off of what they know. After visiting and researching the Middle East I have came to change myRead MoreWomen Of The Middle East937 Words   |  4 PagesThe women in the Middle East is less fortunate than any other women around the world. They was not giving the fair opportunity to develop their rights in the home, workplace or even have the opportunity to voice their opinion in politics (Elizabeth, 2010). Being a woman in the Middle East has always been one of the hardest things to endure starting as a child from punishment all the way down to adultery. There laws are one of a kind that has a wide range from the Islamic laws also known as the ShariaRead MorePortrayal Of The Middle East1589 Words   |  7 Pagesthat do not exist in the Middle East, but that when so many male characters are portrayed in such a way it fails to contribute anything greater to the study of the Middle East where parts of its history has already been tainted by Orientalists and revisionists. Since Al-Shaykh has already boldly challenged female stereotypes in her novel it would possibly bode well if you managed to contest some of the male stereotypes as well in an effort to break the mold that the Middle East has been casted in. TheRead MoreWater in the Middle East944 Words   |  4 Pages The edition of the U.S. Defense Department â€Å"Lebanon : a review of the country† ( 1989 ) also states that â€Å" in the late 1970’s - early 1980’s Lebanese reported a plea of derivation of water from the small tributaries of the Hasbani to Israel† (Middle East International, â„â€" 458, 10 September 1993). Western and Arab media published an information that the scale of water derivation to Israel were much more, only from the Litani – up to 55 % of the annual discharge . Among all the details in particular

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Customer Relationship Management of Chanel And Louis Vuitton

Question: Discuss about the Customer Relationship Management of Chanel And Louis Vuitton. Answer: Description of the shop The shops we visited were Louis Vuitton, Pacific Place and Chanel, Pacific place. Summary of experience: Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton is a leading lifestyle products brand specializing in bags, shoes and travel accessories. The brand came into existence in 1854 and since then has been a leading lifestyle brand (Tak, 2015). It has over 460 stores in 50 countries across the globe (Berg, 2014). We visited the Pacific place in Hong Kong store in evening at 5:30pm. The store was easy to locate as their address mentioned on Google was clear. The store was quite crowded but still the sales team was able to understand that we are potential customers and greeted us with a smile. They were all wearing black or grey color suits and looked professional (Dahlberg, 2016). Before visiting the shop, we can telephoned them but it went unanswered. We specifically asked for bags and shoes and the sales person assigned to us showed a great variety of them. We asked them to show us eye wear sunglasses but they did not have them in store and apologized for the same. They did not offer delivery of the products and told us t hat we can exchange them for full refund within 14 days or we can exchange the product for store credit within 1 month (Liu, 2014). The store was elitist, sophisticated and classy. It had a very positive vibe. Most of the customers looked rich and belonged to upper middle class of the society (Solomon, 2014). We asked them if someone from the headquarters visits this store and they mentioned that they send a daily report to the headquarters about their sales and in store items. And once a quarter someone visits from the headquarters to take a look at the store ongoing. As a company policy LV sends mystery shoppers to gain an idea about customer service. They did not offer any student discount. Although they answered all our questions properly, they seemed to get impatient after 30 minutes. This could be because the store was getting more crowded. Chanel Chanel is a French brand that has positioned itself as a luxurious lifestyle brand targeting the upper middle class of the society (Kottemann, 2016). The brand specializes in haute culture and read to wear clothes and caters mainly to women with an elegant taste (Sugimoto, 2017). We visited this store at 7pm in the evening. It was easy to locate once we entered pacific place. The sales staff was wearing uniforms and appeared extremely professional and well dressed. The store was clean and the lighting was sufficient. The number of sales person were also adequate. Their target market were mostly women from the upper strata of the society. They showed us a sundry variety of bags and shoes and told us that they can be returned within 90 days of purchase. However, the perfumes cannot be returned if they have been bought from the store. If they were bought online, they can be returned within 14 days subject to the condition of the item upon return. The sales lady was very friendly and off ered us beverages. Their service was slightly slow as there are only two billing counters. The billing team did not offer any student discounts. When we asked them if anyone from the head office visits the outlet, they simply refused to answer this question. But they were polite and apologetic. They took our email IDs and promised to keep us up to date with the latest discounts and offers via mail. Corporate culture and Customer Service Practices Louis Vuitton The staff was alert and polite. They were very friendly and answered all our questions properly. They did not try to over sell any of their products. They had a return and exchange policy of 30 days for store credit and 14 days for full refund No chat bots on their website No social media presence exclusively for a country. They do not have a Facebook page for Hong Kong customers. They are very active on Instagram and have posted over 2.2k images yet. They did not answer their telephone. Store seemed a bit understaffed. They have four mobile applications LV NYC VVV, Louis Vuitton Pass, Louis Vuitton City guide and 100 legendary trunks The head office takes keen interest and daily report are sent to them for performance analysis. There is no place to sit for people who accompany the shoppers. Feedback was taken from us upon shopping. They have a register maintained for compliments and criticisms. Cleaning person is always working even when customers are around. This can be disturbing for customers. Four billing counters are there which makes the billing process speedy. Chanel The staff was very friendly. They offered us beverages and even when we did not buy anything, they thanked us for visiting They have a return and exchange policy of 90 days on all products except perfumes and fragrances Adequately staffed store They had one person dedicated to answering telephone calls No Chatbots on their website. Social media presence is general and not exclusively for any country. The Chanel Hong Kong page has just 1.1k followers. Email IDs were taken so they could keep in touch with us via email and send us relevant information on discounts and offers. They have sufficient seating arrangement for customers. Billing process is lengthy as there are only 2 counters. Men who visited the store were also given the option of simple buying cash cards and gift cards which are easy to redeem. The store manager had ensure the store was very clean. Communication abilities: Louis Vuitton Telephone They did not answer their phone when we called. The store is understaffed and hence the phone often goes unanswered. Website Their website provides a detail of their products. Customers can make their account and see their purchase history upon login. There are no chat bots as customer service representatives online. Social Media Social media is increasingly becoming the most efficient tool to communicate with brands as they reply almost immediately to safeguard their brand value (Armstrong, 2015). However they have a general Louis Vuitton handle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Face to face The staff is polite, friendly and helpful. They speak in English and are trained in local language. They are patient and deal with customers with utmost care. LV often sends mystery shoppers that makes the staff cautious and they are always on their toes. Chanel: Telephone They have one person dedicated to answering only phones. The telephone representative is friendly, polite and patient. She is extremely soft spoken and thanks the customers for calling before keeping the phone. Website Their websites do not have any Chatbots for customer service. They have the option of sending an Email to which they reply within a 7 working days. For a customer, this can be a very long waiting time. The website otherwise is very clear and crisp and provides significant details about all their products. Social Media Unfortunately they are no very active on social media which is the most efficient tool to reach out to target customers (Agnihotri, 2016). They have over 19 million followers on Instagram but have posted on over 800 pictures. Their Facebook page for Hong Kong has just 1.1k followers while their twitter has over 13.4 million followers. Unlike other brands they rarely reply to customer tweets (Twitter, 2017). Face to face The staff is very friendly. They are all well behaved and soft spoken people. Even upon not buying they thank people for visiting. They are discreet about sharing excessive information about the company. They took our email IDs and offered to send us discount vouchers. They even offered us beverages and comfortable seating. Recommended improvements Louis Vuitton Hire a dedicated person to answer phone calls: LV store seemed largely understaffed. Telephonic communication with clients is the first direct one to one communication and the brand must ensure that they work upon improving this form of communication (Timm, 2013). One person should be hired who dedicatedly answers phone queries and resolves them efficiently. Extend exchange policy: Their products can only be returned for full refund within 14 days of purchase which is a small amount of time for customer. More often LV products are bought to gift friends and family members. And it would be difficult for them to file return within 14 days. LV also specializes in bags and shoes. A customer might start using the bag after 14 days and find it faulty. In such cases, it is wiser for the brand to extend the period for return and exchange. Website Chatbots. Website Chatbots are a latest technology and most leading brands are using them in order to ensure high levels of customer service (Setia, 2013). Website Chatbots provide customers with an option to get help online upon visiting the website. The representative on the other hand is well versed with the company policies. This leads to quick resolution of queries and is extremely crucial especially in the fast paced world that we live in. Seating arrangements could be improved: Louis Vuitton has positioned itself as an expensive luxury lifestyle store. Therefore it is imperative that the services provided at the store live up to the positioning by the global brand. Providing seating arrangements to customers is a small yet important step at ensuring efficient customer service. Chanel Website Chatbots: Website Chatbots are a leading technology used by firms across the globe in order to improve upon their customer service (Kane, 2016). They provide a platform to resolve queries and address grievances of customers when they visit the website (Verhagen, 2014). It is a speedy and convenient process and enables customers to get their problems resolved in a single click. This therefore further improves upon customer service provided by the brand. At present, customers have an option of sending an email to the brands customer service team and they get back to the customer within 7 working days. This is often a long period of wait for customers specifically those who need to impulse buy. They can lose out on a large market share by not catering to such customers. Social media marketing: Social media is the leading form of marketing in the current globalized times that we live in. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Whatsapp is being used by various leading firms to market their products and enhance customer communication (Tuten, 2014). Chanel is not too active on either of the platforms and can hence lose out on a lot of brand image and value. Their direct competitors can increase and enhance reach to consumers by addressing them on social media. Chanel has just 800 posts on their Instagram page which is truly inefficient to communicate with their almost 25 million followers. Chanel uses twitter as a platform to spread awareness about the brand but hardly retweets or replies to customers. Loyalty cards: Chanel is an expensive brand and hence the customer loyalty is much lower. Most people shop from the brand for a onetime special occasion purchase. Chanel can start loyalty cards where members can earn points every time they shop from the brand and can redeem them upon their future purchases. This would increase brand loyalty and encourage customers to shop more often (Donnelly, 2015). Conclusion Louis Vuitton and Chanel both are significant and leading brands in the industry of lifestyle goods. The brands have clearly worked hard upon their customer service and customer retention. Customer relationship management and efficient customer service is an important criteria leading to customer loyalty and customer satisfaction (Jahanshani, 2014). Many firms invest largely upon their customer service attributes. Both the brands lived up to our expectations on most criteria however a few changes could be made to improvise upon their customer service. Both the brands could work upon their social media marketing skills to reach out to a larger customer base. LV could improvise its telephonic service while Chanel could pay more attention to creating loyalty cards for more frequent purchases. Both the brands must start website Chatbots for quicker resolution of customer queries and immediate addressing of their grievances if any. References Agnihotri, R., Dingus, R., Hu, M. Y., Krush, M. T. (2016). Social media: Influencing customer satisfaction in B2B sales.Industrial Marketing Management,53, 172-180. Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., Brennan, R. (2015).Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Berg, B. (2014). Introduction. InRetail Branding and Store Loyalty(pp. 1-26). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. Dahlberg, L. (2016). All aboard the Louis Vuitton Train!Plemos,10(1), 179-195. Donnelly, C., Simmons, G., Armstrong, G., Fearne, A. (2015). Digital loyalty card big dataand small business marketing: Formal versus informal or complementary?International Small Business Journal,33(4), 422-442. Jahanshani, A. A., Hajizadeh, G. M. A., Mirdhamadi, S. A., Nawaser, K., Khaksar, S. M. S. (2014). Study the effects of customer service and product quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Kane, D. A. (2016). The Role of Chatbots in Teaching and Learning.E-Learning and the Academic Library: Essays on Innovative Initiatives, 131. Kottemann, P., Decker, R., Hentschel, D. (2016). Brand Image Perceptions in Co-Branding: An Exploratory Study. Liu, J., Wang, R. (2014). 'Louis Vuitton or Gucci?'A Study into the Internet's Role in Influencing Chinese Overseas Students' Luxury Consumption Behaviour and Identity Construction.Quarterly Journal of Chinese Studies,2(4), 18. Setia, P., Venkatesh, V., Joglekar, S. (2013). Leveraging digital technologies: How information quality leads to localized capabilities and customer service performance.Mis Quarterly,37(2). Solomon, M. R. (2014).Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being(Vol. 10). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Sugimoto, K., Sugimoto, K., Nagasawa, S. Y., Nagasawa, S. Y. (2017). Luxury branding: the case of Chanel.International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences,9(3/4), 292-301. Tak, J., Choi, J. (2015). An all-textile Louis Vuitton logo antenna.IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters,14, 1211-1214. Timm, P. R. (2013).Customer service: Career success through customer loyalty. Pearson Higher Ed. Tuten, T. L., Solomon, M. R. (2014).Social media marketing. Sage. Twitter, 2017, Chanel,, retrieved on 8 November, 2017. Verhagen, T., Van Nes, J., Feldberg, F., Van Dolen, W. (2014). Virtual customer service agents: Using social presence and personalization to shape online service encounters.Journal of Computer?Mediated Communication,19(3), 529-545.

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An Old Woman. Essay Example

An Old Woman. Essay Example An Old Woman. Essay An Old Woman. Essay The poem is highly symbolic and very common placed in its subject matter. The poet was impressed by the temple of Kandoba at Jajori and the poem is thus against this setting. An Old Woman is a graphic picture of a beggar woman. Having lost the promises of her past, she is reduced to her present state. As the speaker views her squarely, he, in a sort of revelation, becomes aware of the decay which has set in her person and which is extended to the decaying tradition symbolized by the hills and the temples. Without using many words, the old woman forces the narrator to look at her from closed quarters. It is then that he realizes the hypocrisy of society and the decadence of the social system that has ruined the old woman to a beggar. he finds that the social fabric is destroyed, architectural features go into ruins. Human values are forgotten. The old womans condition reduces the narrator to a small status when he feels as insignificant as that small coin in her hand. This poem humbles us to remember our responsibility to society. It reveals the callousness, a failure on our part to take care of the elderly, protect our heritage and preserve our values. In the rush of materialism and the desire to achieve, one takes all that one can from society, but giving the same back is largely forgotten. So the cracking hills, crumbling temples, crumbling of social order is directly a result of our negligence, our failure to act responsibly. Somewhere, the materialistic world has made man selfish, trapping him in a race to accumulate. When society has to face this onslaught, cracks appear, but selfish man forgets to repair the cracks, forgets to salvage lost values, thereby creating a dilapidated social fabric.

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SAT Make-Up Exam on February 20 Heres What to Do

SAT Make-Up Exam on February 20 Here's What to Do SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Winter has come inthe form of Storm Jonas, affecting much of the East Coast. Governors of Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Washington DC declared a state of emergency, and hundreds of SAT test centers closed. DidYOUR January 23rd SAT test center get closedbecause of the storm? How do you maximize your score up until your February 20 makeup exam? Find out here. (Image credit: Weather Channel) By now, the storm and test date have both passed, so if you're reading this you likely had your Jan 23rd SAT canceled. You're in good company. By our count, 837 test centers closed across 22 states - one of the most severe test disruptions we've ever seen.The College Board is planning for a makeup exam to be administered on February 20, 2016. We'll have the final list of test centers that closed as you scroll down, but more importantly,how do you spend your time until the Feb 20 SAT to increase your score?We'll give you the best resources we have to do last minute prep. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points?We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: What to Do After Your SAT GotCanceled So is the Jan 23rd SAT cancellation GOODor BADnews? Some students were understandably rejoicing: So so so so so happy SAT's got cancelled for the day and I got to sleep in 😊😊😊😊 - lexiii (@lexiiweberr) January 23, 2016 I literally started crying tears of joy when I found out my sat was cancelled today :-) - meagan (@meaganbatjer) January 23, 2016 Personally, though, I would HATE for my SAT to be canceled. I treat tests like I'm a boxing match. Throughout the weeks leading up to the test,I build myself up to the pinnacle of my testing ability. I regulate my sleep and diet to make sure I'm at peak performance on Saturday morning. I review my weaknesses the nights before so everything's preloaded in my head. I wake up Saturday morning primed to take on the stupid College Board. If the test gets canceled, that means I have to do this all over again. That sucks. But the great news is, you now have a whole extra month to continue working on your weaknesses. Feeling like you're not at your testing peak yet? Now's your chance to hone in on your weaknesses. We've written the best guides anywhere to get you to maximize your potential. Here are ourmust-read guides to start you off: How to Get a Perfect SAT Score, by a Perfect Scorer Aiming for a high SAT score? I wrote this popular guide to talk you through the strategies and study habits you need to max out your SAT score. How to Get 800 in SAT Reading | SAT Math | SAT Writing I dive more deeply into each SAT section and teach you how to get a perfect score in each of Reading, Math, and Writing. The Best 30-Day SAT Prep Program Available At PrepScholar, we've created the best SAT prep program available. To prove it, we have the only 160 point guarantee - finish the program, and if you don't improve your SAT score by 160 points, you'll get all your money back. PrepScholar customizes to your weaknesses, so it's perfect for the month you have until your SAT makeup in February. In your extra month, work hard, and you canimprove your SAT score by 160 points or more. How to Write an SAT Essay, Step by Step Want a step by step plan to write a strong SAT Writing essay? Here's a guide you can follow to write a winning essay for every single SAT esay prompt. The Ultimate SAT Reading Prep GuideThe Ultimate SAT Math Prep GuideThe Ultimate SAT Writing Prep Guide Here are our most complete SAT prep guides for every section. Feeling week on Reading, Math, or Writing? We've got you covered with the best strategy guides and content available anywhere. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points in 30 days?We have the industry's leading SAT prep program. Built by Harvard grads and SAT full scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible. Check out our 5-day free trial today: Which SATTest Centers WereClosed on Jan 23? Here's theupdated complete list of testing centers that were canceled.At the final tally, 837 testing centers were closed! This is a huge fraction of the country, disrupting many thousands of students. These states were hit the hardest: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. STATE CITY SCHOOL ID Alabama Huntsville Randolph School #01173 Alabama Huntsville The Univ Of Alabama In Huntsville #01174 Alabama Madison Bob Jones High School #01182 Alabama Muscle Shoals Northwest-Shoals Cc #01218 Arksansas Conway University Of Central Arkansas #04239 Arksansas Little Rock Hall HS #04190 Connecticut Ansonia Ansonia HS #07103 Connecticut Bloomfield Bloomfield HS #07120 Connecticut Bridgeport Central Magnet HS #07138 Connecticut Bristol Eastern HS #07145 Connecticut Danbury Danbury HS #07165 Connecticut Darien Darien HS #07180 Connecticut East Haven East Haven HS #07200 Connecticut East Lyme East Lyme HS #07201 Connecticut Greenwich Greenwich HS #07260 Connecticut Groton Robert E Fitch Sr HS #07265 Connecticut Guilford Guilford HS #07266 Connecticut Hamden Hamden HS #07275 Connecticut Hartford Bulkeley HS #07280 Connecticut Meriden Platt HS #07340 Connecticut Middlebury Westover Sch #07345 Connecticut Naugatuck Naugatuck HS #07380 Connecticut New Haven Hillhouse HS #07400 Connecticut New Haven Wilbur Cross HS #07420 Connecticut New Milford New Milford HS #07435 Connecticut Oakdale Saint Thomas More Sch #07477 Connecticut Orange Hope Acad #07487 Connecticut Orange Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy (Sunday Test Center) #07485 Connecticut Pawcatuck Stonington HS #07490 Connecticut Stamford Stamford High School #07565 Connecticut Stamford Westhill HS #07570 Connecticut Stamford Bi-Cultural Day School (Sunday Test Center) #07555 Connecticut Trumbull Trumbull HS #07605 Connecticut Weston Weston HS #07666 Connecticut Willimantic Windham HS #07705 Connecticut Wilton Wilton HS #07710 Dc Washington Anacostia High School #09160 Dc Washington Friendship Collegiate Acad #09129 Delaware Bear Red Lion Christian Academy #08080 Delaware Laurel Laurel Sr High School #08118 Delaware Middletown Appoquinimink High School #08124 Delaware Middletown St. Andrew'S Sch #08122 Delaware Milford Milford High School #08125 Delaware Newark Newark Sr HS #08135 Delaware Wilmington Sarah Pyle Academy #08171 Delaware Wilmington Brandywine HS #08150 Delaware Wilmington Tower Hill School #08175 Georgia Acworth Frederick J Furtah Prep Sch #11553 Georgia Athens Cedar Shoals HS #11205 Georgia Athens U Of Georgia #11120 Georgia Atlanta Georgia State U #11155 Georgia Atlanta Marist Sch #11170 Georgia Atlanta Atlanta Metropolitan State Coll #11226 Georgia Atlanta Benjamin Mays HS #11125 Georgia Atlanta Cross Keys HS #11129 Georgia Atlanta North Atlanta HS #11180 Georgia Atlanta S. Atlanta Sch Of Health/Medical Sci #11195 Georgia Atlanta St Pius X Catholic HS #11190 Georgia Atlanta The Lovett Sch #11200 Georgia Atlanta Westminster Schs #11220 Georgia Augusta John S Davidson Fine Arts Magnet Sch #11232 Georgia Augusta Acad Of Richmond County #11225 Georgia Augusta Butler HS #11235 Georgia Augusta Georgia Regents U #11221 Georgia Augusta Westside HS #11230 Georgia Austell South Cobb HS #11237 Georgia Buford Buford High Sch #11267 Georgia Calhoun Sonoraville High School #11296 Georgia Calhoun Calhoun HS #11275 Georgia Canton Sequoyah HS #11291 Georgia Carrollton Carrollton HS #11293 Georgia Carrollton U Of West Ga #11295 Georgia Chatsworth Murray County HS #11606 Georgia Chatsworth North Murray HS #11607 Georgia College Park Benjamin Banneker HS #11317 Georgia College Park Hapeville Charter Career Acad #11674 Georgia College Park Woodward Acad Mid Sch #11315 Georgia Commerce Commerce High School #11332 Georgia Commerce East Jackson Comp High School #11333 Georgia Conyers Rockdale County HS #11335 Georgia Covington Georgia Perimeter Coll #11334 Georgia Cumming North Forsyth HS #11356 Georgia Cumming West Forsyth High School #11358 Georgia Dallas Paulding County HS #11370 Georgia Dalton Dalton HS #11375 Georgia Dalton Southeast Whitfield HS #11371 Georgia Dawsonville Dawson County High School #11682 Georgia Decatur Southwest Dekalb HS #11392 Georgia Decatur Decatur HS #11380 Georgia Decatur Towers High School #11395 Georgia Douglasville Chapel Hill HS #11404 Georgia Douglasville Harvester Christian Acad #11402 Georgia Duluth Duluth High School #11408 Georgia Elberton Elbert County Compr HS #11425 Georgia Ellenwood Anointed Word Christian Schools Intn #11428 Georgia Evans Evans HS #11430 Georgia Fairburn Creekside HS #11435 Georgia Fayetteville Fayette County HS #11440 Georgia Fayetteville Solid Rock Acad #11592 Georgia Forest Park Forest Park Sr HS #11450 Georgia Gainesville Gainesville HS #11460 Georgia Greensboro Lake Oconee Academy #11522 Georgia Griffin Spalding HS #11476 Georgia Hiram Hiram High School #11492 Georgia Hoschton Mill Creek HS #11491 Georgia Jefferson Jefferson High School #11495 Georgia Jonesboro Mundys Mill HS #11911 Georgia Jonesboro Jonesboro Sr HS #11505 Georgia Jonesboro Mount Zion HS #11507 Georgia Kennesaw North Cobb HS #11646 Georgia Lawrenceville Central Gwinnett HS #11512 Georgia Lawrenceville Georgia Gwinnett Coll #11513 Georgia Lawrenceville Mountain View HS #11515 Georgia Lexington Oglethorpe County HS #11781 Georgia Lilburn Parkview HS #11525 Georgia Lithonia Miller Grove HS #11527 Georgia Locust Grove Luella HS #11574 Georgia Loganville Loganville Christian Acad #11578 Georgia Mableton Pebblebrook HS #11547 Georgia Marietta Alan C Pope High School #11549 Georgia Marietta Dominion Christian HS #11551 Georgia Marietta George Walton Comp HS #11550 Georgia Marietta Lassiter HS #11555 Georgia Marietta Sprayberry Sr HS #11855 Georgia Martinez Augusta Christian Sch #11557 Georgia Milton Milton High School #11571 Georgia Monroe Monroe Area HS #11565 Georgia Mount Airy Habersham Ctrl High School #11345 Georgia Newnan Newnan HS #11585 Georgia Norcross Meadowcreek HS #11124 Georgia Peachtree Corners Wesleyan Sch #11122 Georgia Rome Rome HS #11595 Georgia Rome Shorter U #11604 Georgia Rome Darlington Sch #11593 Georgia Roswell Roswell HS #11601 Georgia Sharpsburg East Coweta HS #11647 Georgia Smyrna Campbell HS #11633 Georgia Snellville Shiloh HS #11573 Georgia Sparta Hancock Central HS #11648 Georgia Stockbridge Stockbridge HS #11653 Georgia Stone Mountain Stone Mountain HS #11655 Georgia Suwanee Lambert HS #11202 Georgia Suwanee Peachtree Ridge HS #11156 Georgia Suwanee Collins Hill HS #11117 Georgia Suwanee North Gwinnett HS #11112 Georgia Tiger Rabun County HS #11680 Georgia Toccoa Stephens County High School #11685 Georgia Trion Trion HS #11687 Georgia Tucker Tucker High School #11056 Georgia Villa Rica Villa Rica HS #11922 Georgia Watkinsville Oconee County HS #11707 Georgia Winder Winder-Barrow HS #11703 Georgia Woodstock Etowah HS #11712 Georgia Woodstock The King'S Acad #11292 Indiana Evansville Benjamin Bosse High School #15102 Indiana Evansville Central HS #15235 Indiana Jeffersonville River Valley Middle School #15467 Indiana New Albany Indiana University Southeast #15612 Indiana Rockport South Spencer HS #15687 Kentucky Bowling Green Western Kentucky U #18117 Kentucky Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Sr HS #18130 Kentucky Lebanon Marion County HS #18143 Kentucky Lexington Henry Clay HS #18150 Kentucky Lexington Sayre Sch #18152 Kentucky Louisville U Of Louisville #18162 Kentucky Louisville Waggener High School #18170 Kentucky Murray Murray High School #18180 Kentucky Paintsville Johnson Central High School #18120 Maryland Aberdeen Aberdeen Sr HS #21100 Maryland Annapolis Annapolis Sr HS #21105 Maryland Baltimore Frederick Douglass HS #21120 Maryland Baltimore Kenwood HS #21127 Maryland Baltimore Roland Park Country School #210180 Maryland Baltimore Archbishop Curley High School #21110 Maryland Baltimore Baltimore Poly Inst #21115 Maryland Baltimore Digital Harbor HS #21102 Maryland Baltimore Gilman Sch #21125 Maryland Baltimore Parkville HS #21144 Maryland Baltimore St Frances Acad #21148 Maryland Baltimore Woodlawn High School #21158 Maryland Baltimore Beth Tfiloh High School (Sunday Test Center) #21167 Maryland Bel Air Bel Air HS #21165 Maryland Bel Air C Milton Wright HS #21168 Maryland Beltsville High Point HS #21175 Maryland Berlin Stephen Decatur HS #21171 Maryland Bethesda Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School #21180 Maryland Bethesda Holton-Arms School #21185 Maryland Bethesda Walt Whitman HS #21195 Maryland Brandywine Gwynn Park Sr HS #21215 Maryland Cambridge Cambridge-South Dorchester High School #21230 Maryland Clarksburg Clarksburg High School #21253 Maryland Columbia Wilde Lake HS #21247 Maryland Cumberland Allegany High School #21260 Maryland Damascus Damascus High School #21264 Maryland Easton Easton High School #21265 Maryland Edgewater South River High School #21267 Maryland Eldersburg Liberty High School #21268 Maryland Elkton Elkton High School #21270 Maryland Essex Our Lady Of Mt Carmel High School #21112 Maryland Federalsburg Colonel Richardson HS #21683 Maryland Forestville Bishop Mcnamara HS #21291 Maryland Forestville Forestville HS #21289 Maryland Forestville Suitland Sr HS #21285 Maryland Fort Meade Meade Sr High School #21128 Maryland Frederick Gov Thomas Johnson HS #21290 Maryland Gambrills Arundel High School #21300 Maryland Germantown Northwest High School #21298 Maryland Glen Burnie Glen Burnie HS #21310 Maryland Great Mills Great Mills High School #21320 Maryland Hagerstown South Hagerstown High School #21329 Maryland Hagerstown St James Sch #21455 Maryland Hagerstown Highland View Academy (Sunday Test Center) #21283 Maryland Harwood Southern High School #21333 Maryland Ijamsville Urbana HS #21258 Maryland Kensington Einstein High School #21335 Maryland La Plata Coll Of S Maryland #21340 Maryland Lanham Duval High School #21345 Maryland Laurel Laurel HS #21346 Maryland Laurel St. Vincent Pallotti High School #21348 Maryland Leonardtown Leonardtown HS #21355 Maryland Olney Our Lady Of Good Counsel High School #21495 Maryland Owings Mills Mcdonogh Sch #21360 Maryland Oxon Hill Oxon Hill HS #21375 Maryland Parkton Hereford HS #21380 Maryland Prince Frederick Calvert HS #21390 Maryland Randallstown Randallstown Sr HS #21395 Maryland Reisterstown Franklin HS #21400 Maryland Rockville Montgomery Coll #21403 Maryland Rockville Thomas S Wootton High School #21420 Maryland Rockville Charles E Smith Jewish Day School (Sunday Test Center) #21410 Maryland Salisbury Salisbury Middle School #21432 Maryland Salisbury Salisbury Middle School (Sunday Test Center) #21431 Maryland Severna Park Severna Park Sr HS #21435 Maryland Silver Spring Montgomery Blair High School #21440 Maryland Timonium Dulaney High School #21470 Maryland Towson Loyola Blakefield HS #21480 Maryland Upper Marlboro Largo High School #21492 Maryland Waldorf Westlake High School #21216 Maryland Westminster Westminster High School #21490 Maryland Williamsport Williamsport HS #21503 Massachusetts New Bedford New Bedford Regl Voc Tech Sch #22565 Massachusetts Waltham Waltham Senior HS (Sunday Test Center) #22830 Mississippi Olive Branch Olive Branch High School #25162 Mississippi Tupelo Tupelo HS #25176 Missouri Poplar Bluff Poplar Bluff Sr HS #26210 New Jersey Allentown Allentown High School #31105 New Jersey Asbury Park Asbury Park High School #31112 New Jersey Atlantic City Atlantic City HS #31118 New Jersey Audubon Audubon High School #31119 New Jersey Basking Ridge Pingry School #310315 New Jersey Blairstown Blair Academy #31145 New Jersey Bloomfield Bloomfield High School #31148 New Jersey Bricktown Bricktown Memorial HS #31166 New Jersey Bridgeton Cumberland Regl High School #31757 New Jersey Bridgewater Bridgewater-Raritan High School #31170 New Jersey Burlington Burlington City High School #31175 New Jersey Camden Camden High School #31181 New Jersey Camden Camden Acad Charter High School #31179 New Jersey Camden Dr. Charles Brimm Medical Arts High School #31184 New Jersey Camden Leap Academy #31177 New Jersey Camden Woodrow Wilson High School #31182 New Jersey Cape May Lower Cape May Regl HS #31185 New Jersey Cape May Court House Middle Township HS #31187 New Jersey Cherry Hill Cherry Hill High School East #31205 New Jersey Cherry Hill Cherry Hill High School West #31208 New Jersey Chester West Morris High School #31211 New Jersey Clifton Clifton High School #31223 New Jersey Colonia Colonia High School #31229 New Jersey Cranford Cranford HS #31235 New Jersey East Brunswick East Brunswick High School #31259 New Jersey East Hanover Hanover Park High School #31262 New Jersey Egg Harbor Township Egg Harbor Twshp High School #31273 New Jersey Elizabeth John Dwyer Technology Academy #31274 New Jersey Englewood Dwight Morrow High School #31289 New Jersey Farmingdale Howell High School #31295 New Jersey Flemington Hunterdon Ctrl HS #31298 New Jersey Freehold Freehold Borough High School #31310 New Jersey Glassboro Glassboro High School #31322 New Jersey Haddon Heights Haddon Heights HS #31343 New Jersey Haddonfield Haddonfield Memorial High School #31346 New Jersey Hightstown Hightstown High School #31367 New Jersey Hillsborough Hillsborough High School #31369 New Jersey Irvington Irvington HS #31385 New Jersey Iselin John F Kennedy Meml High School #31388 New Jersey Jackson Jackson Meml High School #31391 New Jersey Jersey City Henry Snyder HS #31397 New Jersey Jersey City St Peter'S Prep School #31403 New Jersey Jersey City William L Dickinson HS #31406 New Jersey Kearny Kearny High School #31409 New Jersey Lawrenceville Lawrenceville School #31817 New Jersey Linwood Mainland Regl HS #31436 New Jersey Little Falls Passaic Valley High School #31439 New Jersey Little Silver Red Bank Regl High School #31442 New Jersey Long Branch Long Branch HS #31454 New Jersey Manahawkin Southern Regl HS #31466 New Jersey Maplewood Columbia High School #310750 New Jersey Marlboro Marlboro High School #31475 New Jersey Marlton Cherokee High School North #31490 New Jersey Matawan Old Bridge High School #31616 New Jersey Middletown Middletown High School North #31502 New Jersey Monmouth Junction South Brunswick High School #31517 New Jersey Montclair Montclair High School #31520 New Jersey Moorestown Moorestown HS #31529 New Jersey Morris Plains Parsippany Hills High School #31641 New Jersey Morristown Morristown High School #31532 New Jersey Mount Holly Rancocas Valley Regl High School #31535 New Jersey Mountainside Cornerstone Day School #31783 New Jersey Neptune Neptune High School #31541 New Jersey New Brunswick New Brunswick High School #31544 New Jersey Newark Barringer High School #31556 New Jersey Newark Malcolm X Shabazz High School #31562 New Jersey Newark North Star Academy Prep HS #31566 New Jersey Newark St Benedict'S Prep School #31560 New Jersey Newton Kittatinny Regl HS #31574 New Jersey Newton Newton HS #31577 New Jersey North Caldwell West Essex Regl HS #31592 New Jersey Nutley Nutley High School #31601 New Jersey Oakland Indian Hills HS #31607 New Jersey Old Tappan Northern Valley Regl High School #31619 New Jersey Palisades Park Palisades Park High School #31625 New Jersey Parlin Sayreville War Meml High School #31637 New Jersey Passaic Passaic High School #31643 New Jersey Paterson Eastside High School #31646 New Jersey Paulsboro Paulsboro High School #31652 New Jersey Perth Amboy Acad For Urban Leadership Charter High School #31224 New Jersey Piscataway Piscataway Twp High School #31682 New Jersey Pitman Pitman High School #31685 New Jersey Plainfield Barack Obama Green Charter High School #31447 New Jersey Plainfield Plainfield High School #31688 New Jersey Princeton Princeton HS #31703 New Jersey Ramsey Ramsey HS #31712 New Jersey Randolph Randolph HS #31715 New Jersey Red Bank Red Bank Catholic High School #31721 New Jersey Richland Saint Augustine Preparatory #31302 New Jersey Ridgewood Ridgewood HS #31727 New Jersey Robbinsville Robbinsville High School #311326 New Jersey Rockaway Morris Hills Regl HS #31733 New Jersey Runnemede Triton Regl High School #31745 New Jersey Saddle Brook Saddle Brook HS #31751 New Jersey Salem Salem High School #31750 New Jersey Skillman Montgomery HS #31759 New Jersey Somerset Franklin HS #31763 New Jersey Somerville Somerville HS #31766 New Jersey South River South River High School #31778 New Jersey Succasunna Roxbury HS #31787 New Jersey Sussex High Point Regional HS #31795 New Jersey Teaneck Teaneck HS #31793 New Jersey Toms River Toms River High School East #31806 New Jersey Toms River Toms River HS S #31805 New Jersey Trenton Trenton Central High School West #31824 New Jersey Union City Union City High School #31832 New Jersey Vernon Glen Meadow Mid School #31837 New Jersey Vineland Vineland High School #31841 New Jersey Voorhees Eastern HS #31319 New Jersey Waldwick Waldwick HS #31844 New Jersey Wall Wall HS #31846 New Jersey Wanaque Lakeland Regl High School #31847 New Jersey Wayne Passaic County Technical Instit. #31860 New Jersey Wayne Wayne Valley Sr HS #31859 New Jersey Wayne William Paterson U #31647 New Jersey West Caldwell James Caldwell HS #31865 New Jersey West Long Branch Shore Regional High School #311590 New Jersey West New York Memorial HS #31877 New Jersey West Orange West Orange HS #31883 New Jersey Westfield Westfield Sr HS #31886 New Jersey Woodbury Woodbury High School #31907 New Jersey Wood-Ridge Wood-Ridge HS #31908 New Jersey Woolwich Kingsway Regional High School #31413 New York Amityville Amityville Meml HS #33124 New York Bay Shore Bay Shore HS #33144 New York Bayport Bayport-Blue Point HS #33146 New York Bedford Fox Lane HS #33154 New York Bellmore John F Kennedy HS #33710 New York Bellmore W C Mepham HS #33156 New York Bohemia Connetquot HS #33339 New York Brentwood Brentwood HS #33164 New York Brewster Brewster HS #33165 New York Bronx Bronx High School Of Science #333480 New York Bronx John F Kennedy High School #33190 New York Bronx Theodore Roosevelt High School #33204 New York Bronx Dewitt Clinton HS #33176 New York Bronx Frederick Douglas Academy Iii #33171 New York Bronx Harry S Truman HS #33182 New York Bronx Validus Preparatory Academy HS #33187 New York Bronx Sar HS (Sunday Test Center) #33679 New York Brooklyn Abraham Lincoln High School #33214 New York Brooklyn Berkeley Carroll School #330575 New York Brooklyn Brooklyn Lab School #33251 New York Brooklyn Brooklyn Technical HS #33224 New York Brooklyn John Dewey High School #33238 New York Brooklyn Madison High School (Sunday Test Center) #33237 New York Brooklyn Packer Collegiate Institute #33246 New York Brooklyn Science Skills Center High School #33205 New York Brooklyn Sheepshead Bay HS #33252 New York Brooklyn South Shore High School #33256 New York Brooklyn Clara Barton HS #33227 New York Brooklyn Edward R Murrow High School #33228 New York Brooklyn Ft Hamilton HS #33232 New York Brooklyn James Madison HS #33236 New York Brooklyn Medgar Evers College Prep School #33267 New York Brooklyn St Joseph HS #33258 New York Brooklyn Uncommon Charter School #33223 New York Brookville Long Island Univ/Cw Post Campus #33127 New York Cambria Heights Campus Magnet HS #33284 New York Cedarhurst Lawrence Sr HS (Sunday Test Center) #33305 New York Center Moriches Center Moriches High School #33306 New York Centereach Centereach High School #33308 New York Commack Commack HS #33336 New York Cornwall On Hudson Ny Military Acad #33344 New York Deer Park Deer Park HS #33350 New York Dix Hills Half Hollow Hills HS E #33356 New York Dobbs Ferry Dobbs Ferry High School #33358 New York Dobbs Ferry Masters Sch #33360 New York East Hampton Ross School #33897 New York East Meadow East Meadow HS #33366 New York East Setauket Ward Melville HS #33856 New York Far Rockaway Queens High School For Info, Research Tech #33394 New York Flushing The Windsor School #33405 New York Flushing Francis Lewis HS #33406 New York Forest Hills Forest Hills HS #33412 New York Franklin Square H Frank Carey HS #33418 New York Freeport Freeport HS #33424 New York Great Neck Great Neck S HS #33458 New York Great Neck Miller-N Sr HS #33456 New York Hampton Bays Hampton Bays High School #33478 New York Hempstead Hempstead HS #33490 New York Huntington Station Walt Whitman HS #33510 New York Jamaica Hillcrest HS #33522 New York Levittown Island Trees High School #33552 New York Lido Beach Long Beach Senior High School #332885 New York Long Island City Evangel Christian School #33567 New York Long Island City W C Bryant HS #33568 New York Manhasset Manhasset HS #33584 New York Massapequa Massapequa HS #33598 New York Medford Patchogue-Medford HS #33602 New York Merrick Sanford H Calhoun HS #33606 New York Middletown Middletown High School #33614 New York Miller Place Miller Place HS #33618 New York Mt Vernon Mt Vernon HS #33624 New York New Rochelle New Rochelle HS #33642 New York New York A Philip Randolph Campus HS #33265 New York New York Eleanor Roosevelt HS #33668 New York New York Life Sciences Sec Sch #33016 New York New York Northeastern Academy (Sunday Test Center) #33672 New York New York Promise Academy Charter High School #33678 New York New York Washington Irving High School #33690 New York New York Leman Manhattan Preparatory School #33677 New York New York P35/Manhattan High School #33168 New York New York Park West HS #33676 New York New York Thurgood Marshall Academy #33686 New York Newburgh Newburgh Free Acad #33698 New York North Babylon North Babylon HS #33704 New York Oceanside Oceanside HS #33724 New York Old Westbury Westbury HS #33982 New York Peekskill Peekskill HS #33754 New York Ridgewood Grover Cleveland High School #33800 New York Rockville Centre South Side HS #33822 New York Roosevelt Roosevelt Jr-Sr HS #33826 New York Scarsdale Edgemont HS #33842 New York Scarsdale Scarsdale HS #33844 New York Seaford Seaford HS #33854 New York Spring Valley Ramapo High School #33874 New York Spring Valley Spring Valley Sr High School (Sunday Test Center) #33876 New York Springfield Gardens Springfield Ed Complex #33880 New York Staten Island New Dorp HS #33892 New York Staten Island Susan E Wagner HS #33896 New York Staten Island Tottenville HS #33898 New York Suffern Suffern HS #33904 New York Uniondale Uniondale HS #33936 New York Valley Stream Valley Stream Ctrl HS #33946 New York Wappingers Falls Roy C Ketcham Sr HS #33958 New York West Babylon West Babylon HS #33970 New York Westhampton Beach Westhampton Beach HS #33986 New York White Plains White Plains High School #33994 New York Yorktown Heights Yorktown HS #33006 North Carolina Asheville T C Roberson High School #34745 North Carolina Asheville A C Reynolds High School Media Ctr #34120 North Carolina Asheville Asheville High School #34125 North Carolina Asheville Asheville Sch #34135 North Carolina Bladenboro West Bladen High School #34103 North Carolina Bryson City Swain County High School #34171 North Carolina Buies Creek Campbell U #34175 North Carolina Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Sr High School #34205 North Carolina Charlotte Phillip O'Berry Acad #34246 North Carolina Charlotte E Mecklenburg HS #34215 North Carolina Charlotte Garinger Campus Of Schools #34220 North Carolina Charlotte Hawthorne High School #34659 North Carolina Charlotte Mallard Creek HS #34231 North Carolina Charlotte Myers Park HS #34235 North Carolina Charlotte Providence Day Sch #34237 North Carolina Charlotte Providence HS #34236 North Carolina Charlotte S Mecklenburg High School #34640 North Carolina Charlotte Victory Christian Ctr Sch #34234 North Carolina Charlotte W Charlotte High School #34240 North Carolina Charlotte Hawthorne HS (Sunday Test Center) #34697 North Carolina China Grove Jesse C. Carson High School #34868 North Carolina Columbia Columbia HS #34243 North Carolina Concord Ctrl Cabarrus High School #34250 North Carolina Cornelius William Amos Hough HS #34248 North Carolina Dudley Southern Wayne High School #34273 North Carolina Durham Nc School Science Math #34294 North Carolina Durham North Carolina Ctrl U #34295 North Carolina Durham City Of Medicine Acad #34292 North Carolina Durham Jordan HS #34290 North Carolina Elizabethtown East Bladen HS #34325 North Carolina Elon Western High School #34340 North Carolina Fayetteville Cape Fear HS #34693 North Carolina Fayetteville Douglas Byrd Sr HS #34350 North Carolina Fayetteville Terry Sanford HS #34360 North Carolina Franklin Franklin High School #34375 North Carolina Gastonia Hunter Huss High School #34390 North Carolina Gibsonville Eastern Guilford High School #34691 North Carolina Goldsboro Goldsboro HS #34400 North Carolina Graham Graham High School #34405 North Carolina Greensboro Ben Smith Sr High School #34415 North Carolina Greensboro Grimsley HS #34430 North Carolina Greensboro Southern Guilford High School #34468 North Carolina Greensboro The Academy At Smith #34449 North Carolina Greensboro W H Page High School #34435 North Carolina Greensboro The Academy At Smith (Sunday Test Center) #34749 North Carolina Greensboro Grimsley HS-Auditorium (Sunday Test Center) #34425 North Carolina Harrisburg Hickory Ridge High School #34591 North Carolina Hayesville Hayesville HS #34447 North Carolina Hendersonville Hendersonville High School #34455 North Carolina Hickory Lenoir-Rhyne Univ #34465 North Carolina High Point High Point Ctrl HS #34470 North Carolina Hillsborough Cedar Ridge High School #34476 North Carolina Hillsborough Orange High School #34475 North Carolina Hope Mills South View HS #34672 North Carolina Huntersville N Mecklenburg HS #34485 North Carolina Huntersville Lake Norman Charter Sch #34486 North Carolina Indian Trail Porter Ridge HS #34639 North Carolina Jamestown Ragsdale High School #34500 North Carolina Kenansville James Sprunt Comm Coll #34515 North Carolina Kenly North Johnston HS #34896 North Carolina Kernersville E Forsyth High School #34520 North Carolina King West Stokes HS #34534 North Carolina Kings Mtn Kings Mountain High School #34811 North Carolina Laurinburg Scotland HS #34540 North Carolina Lenoir W Caldwell High School #34550 North Carolina Lexington Central Davidson Sr High School #34564 North Carolina Lexington Lexington Sr High School #34560 North Carolina Lincolnton W Lincoln High School #34272 North Carolina Louisburg Louisburg Coll #34569 North Carolina Lumberton Lumberton High School #34570 North Carolina Mcleansville Northeast High School #34571 North Carolina Mint Hill Rocky River HS #34583 North Carolina Monroe Sun Valley High School #34779 North Carolina Monroe Union Academy Charter Sch #34607 North Carolina Mooresville Lake Norman HS #34604 North Carolina Mooresville Mooresville HS #34603 North Carolina Newton Grove Hobbton HS #34625 North Carolina Oak Ridge Oak Ridge Military Acad #34622 North Carolina Oxford J F Webb High School #34630 North Carolina Pembroke Purnell Swett High School #34633 North Carolina Plymouth Plymouth HS #34645 North Carolina Raleigh Broughton High School (Sunday Test Center) #34658 North Carolina Raleigh Athens Drive HS #34666 North Carolina Raleigh Enloe HS W #34670 North Carolina Raleigh Leesville Road HS #34056 North Carolina Raleigh Needham Broughton HS #34665 North Carolina Raleigh Saint Augustine'S Coll #34664 North Carolina Raleigh Shaw U #34662 North Carolina Raleigh Vernon Malone College/Career Ctr #34050 North Carolina Raleigh Wake Christian Acad #34677 North Carolina Red Springs Red Springs High School #34673 North Carolina Rocky Mount Nash Central HS #34701 North Carolina Rocky Mount Northern Nash HS #34695 North Carolina Roxboro Person High School #34705 North Carolina Salisbury Salisbury High School #34725 North Carolina Shelby Crest High School #34740 North Carolina Shelby Shelby High School #34735 North Carolina Siler City Jordan-Matthews High School #34734 North Carolina Smithfield Smithfield-Selma Sr High School #34750 North Carolina Southern Pines Pinecrest HS #34755 North Carolina Southern Pines O'Neal High School #34754 North Carolina Statesville Statesville HS #34765 North Carolina Tabor City South Columbus HS #34781 North Carolina Thomasville Thomasville Sr High School #34790 North Carolina Trenton Jones Sr High School #34772 North Carolina Wadesboro Anson Sr High School #34795 North Carolina Wake Forest Heritage HS #34874 North Carolina Washington Washington HS #34805 North Carolina Whiteville Whiteville HS #34820 North Carolina Wilkesboro Wilkes Ctrl High School #34825 North Carolina Wilson R L Fike Sr High School #34845 North Carolina Windsor Bertie High School #34850 North Carolina Winston-Salem Mount Tabor HS #34866 North Carolina Winston-Salem North Carolina School Of The Arts #34858 North Carolina Winston-Salem Parkland High School #34855 Ohio Chillicothe Chillicothe High School #36170 Ohio Cincinnati Lasalle HS #36180 Ohio Hamilton Stephen T Badin HS #36390 Ohio Marietta Marietta High School #36444 Pennsylvania Abington Abington Sr HS #39100 Pennsylvania Allentown Jewish Day Sch (Sunday Test Center) #39108 Pennsylvania Allentown Louis E. Dieruff HS #39101 Pennsylvania Allentown Wm Allen HS #39112 Pennsylvania Allentown Roberto Clemente Charter Sch #39115 Pennsylvania Altoona Altoona Area HS #39116 Pennsylvania Belle Vernon Belle Vernon Area HS #39141 Pennsylvania Bensalem Bensalem HS #39142 Pennsylvania Berwick Berwick Sr HS #39144 Pennsylvania Berwyn Conestoga High School #39146 Pennsylvania Bethlehem Liberty HS #39152 Pennsylvania Boswell North Star HS #39153 Pennsylvania Brownsville Brownsville Area HS #39161 Pennsylvania Camp Hill Camp Hill High School #39170 Pennsylvania Carlisle Carlisle Sr High School #39182 Pennsylvania Chester Chester High School #39192 Pennsylvania Coal Township Shamokin Area Ms/HS #39644 Pennsylvania Coatesville Coatesville Area Sr High School #39206 Pennsylvania Connellsville Connellsville Area High School #39210 Pennsylvania Cresson Penn Cambria Sr H S #39219 Pennsylvania Drexel Hill Msgr Bonner Arch. Prendergast HS #39230 Pennsylvania Easton Easton Area HS #39238 Pennsylvania Elliottsburg W Perry HS #39243 Pennsylvania Exeter Wyoming Area HS #39262 Pennsylvania Fairless Hills Pennsbury HS-E #39264 Pennsylvania Fort Washington Germantown Acad #39274 Pennsylvania Freeland Mmi Prep Sch #39497 Pennsylvania Greensburg Greensburg Salem HS #39288 Pennsylvania Harrisburg Silver Academy (Sunday Test Center) #39308 Pennsylvania Hazle Township Hazleton Area HS #39318 Pennsylvania Hershey Hershey HS #39322 Pennsylvania Holland Council Rock HS-S #39469 Pennsylvania Imperial West Allegheny HS #39335 Pennsylvania Johnstown U Of Pittsburgh At Johnstown #39342 Pennsylvania King Of Prussia Upper Merion Area HS #39348 Pennsylvania Kingston Wyoming Seminary #39354 Pennsylvania Lancaster J P Mccaskey High School #39365 Pennsylvania Landisville Hempfield High School #39366 Pennsylvania Langhorne Neshaminy HS #39368 Pennsylvania Lansdale North Penn HS #39370 Pennsylvania Lansdowne Penn Wood Sr HS #39372 Pennsylvania Lewisburg Lewisburg Area High School #39384 Pennsylvania Malvern Malvern Prep Sch #39396 Pennsylvania Mckees Rocks Montour HS #39404 Pennsylvania Mckeesport Mckeesport Area Sr HS #39406 Pennsylvania Mill Hall Ctrl Mtn HS #39425 Pennsylvania Monongahela Ringgold High School #39434 Pennsylvania Monroeville Gateway Sr HS #39436 Pennsylvania New Oxford New Oxford High School #39531 Pennsylvania Newtown Council Rock HS N #39468 Pennsylvania Newtown George Sch #39470 Pennsylvania Newtown Square Delaware Co Christian Sch #39471 Pennsylvania Newtown Square Marple Newtown High School #39472 Pennsylvania Norristown Norristown Area HS #39474 Pennsylvania Philadelphia University Of Pennsylvania (Sunday Test Center) #39532 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Archbishop Ryan High School N #39502 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Franklin Towne Charter HS #39540 Pennsylvania Philadelphia J W Hallahan Girls' High School #39495 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Samuel S Fels HS #39519 Pennsylvania Philadelphia St Josephigh School Prep Sch #39522 Pennsylvania Philadelphia West Philadelphia High School #39538 Pennsylvania Philadelphia World Communications Charter Sch #39599 Pennsylvania Pine Forge Pine Forge Academy (Sunday Test Center) #39548 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mt. Lebanon High School #39442 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Penn Hills HS #39574 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Plum Sr HS #39576 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Seton-La Salle Regl HS #39578 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Taylor Allderdice HS #39563 Pennsylvania Plains Coughlin HS-Rpt To Soloman Plains HS #39728 Pennsylvania Plymouth Meeting Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School #39592 Pennsylvania Pocono Summit Pocono Mountain West High School #39685 Pennsylvania Pottstown Owen J Roberts HS #39596 Pennsylvania Pottstown The Hill School #39594 Pennsylvania Pottsville Pottsville Area High School #39600 Pennsylvania Radnor Radnor Sr High School #39612 Pennsylvania Reading Reading Sr High School #39616 Pennsylvania Royersford Pope John Paul Ii High School #39629 Pennsylvania Royersford Spring-Ford High School #39628 Pennsylvania Scranton Scranton HS #39640 Pennsylvania Shillington Governor Mifflin HS #39652 Pennsylvania Shippensburg Shippensburg Area Sr HS #39654 Pennsylvania Springfield Cardinal O'Hara HS #39662 Pennsylvania State College State College Area HS #39670 Pennsylvania Tunkhannock Tunkhannock Area HS #39682 Pennsylvania Tyrone Tyrone Area HS #39688 Pennsylvania Uniontown Uniontown Area Sr High School #39690 Pennsylvania Wallingford Strath Haven High School #39700 Pennsylvania Warrington Central Bucks High School South #39718 Pennsylvania Washington Trinity HS #39709 Pennsylvania West Chester West Chester E High School #39721 Pennsylvania West Chester Westtown School #39726 Pennsylvania West Lawn Wilson Sr HS #39722 Pennsylvania Wyomissing Wyomissing Area HS #39738 Pennsylvania Yardley New Hope Academy #394997 Pennsylvania York Wm Penn Sr HS #39742 Rhode Island Providence New England Academy Of Torah (Sunday Test Center) #40205 Rhode Island Westerly Westerly HS #40255 South Carolina Anderson T L Hanna HS #41105 South Carolina Batesburg Batesburg-Leesville HS #41306 South Carolina Bishopville Lee Central High School #41154 South Carolina Central D W Daniel High School #41125 South Carolina Cheraw Cheraw High School #41165 South Carolina Columbia Ben Lippen School #410501 South Carolina Columbia A C Flora HS #41175 South Carolina Columbia Dreher HS #41190 South Carolina Columbia Eau Claire HS #41211 South Carolina Columbia Ridge View HS #41202 South Carolina Columbia Spring Valley HS #41196 South Carolina Cordova Edisto High School #41214 South Carolina Florence West Florence High School #41220 South Carolina Fort Mill Indian Land HS #41401 South Carolina Gaffney Gaffney Sr HS #41230 South Carolina Greenville Berea HS #41240 South Carolina Greenville Greenville Technical Coll #41244 South Carolina Greenwood Greenwood HS #41260 South Carolina North Augusta North Augusta Sr HS #41325 South Carolina Pickens Pickens HS #41999 South Carolina Prosperity Mid Carolina HS #41322 South Carolina Rock Hill Northwestern HS #41335 South Carolina Rock Hill Rock Hill HS #41550 South Carolina Rock Hill Winthrop U #41337 South Carolina Roebuck Dorman HS #41345 South Carolina Simpsonville Hillcrest HS #41340 South Carolina Simpsonville Southside Christian Sch #41209 South Carolina Spartanburg Broome HS #41351 South Carolina Spartanburg Spartanburg HS #41350 South Carolina West Columbia Midlands Technical Coll #41198 South Carolina Westminster West-Oak HS #41375 South Carolina Woodruff Woodruff HS #41377 Tennessee Antioch Cane Ridge High School #43101 Tennessee Brentwood Brentwood HS #43104 Tennessee Chattanooga Mccallie Sch #43115 Tennessee Chattanooga U Of Tennessee #43117 Tennessee Franklin Centennial HS #43131 Tennessee Hendersonville Pope John Paul Ii HS #43188 Tennessee Jackson Uu Center For Continuing Studies #43145 Tennessee Johnson City East Tennessee State University (Sunday Test Center) #43151 Tennessee Kingsport Dobyns-Bennett High School #43155 Tennessee Knoxville U Of Tennessee #43146 Tennessee Lebanon Friendship Christian School #43171 Tennessee Livingston Livingston Acad #43175 Tennessee Nashville Hume-Fogg Academic HS #43221 Tennessee Nashville Lipscomb U #43210 Tennessee Nashville U Sch Of Nashville #43222 Tennessee Oak Ridge Oak Ridge HS #43225 Tennessee Sewanee St Andrew'S-Sewanee Sch #43230 Tennessee Seymour The King'S Acad #43108 Tennessee Smyrna Smyrna HS #43500 Virginia Abingdon Virginia Highlands Comm Coll #47101 Virginia Alexandria Hayfield Sec Sch #47112 Virginia Alexandria Mt Vernon High School #47110 Virginia Alexandria T C Williams High School #47115 Virginia Alexandria W Potomac High School #47105 Virginia Arlington Wakefield High School #47140 Virginia Arlington Yorktown HS #47150 Virginia Bassett Bassett HS #47152 Virginia Berryville Clarke County HS #47156 Virginia Buckingham Buckingham County High School #47169 Virginia Chantilly Chantilly HS #47180 Virginia Chantilly Westfield HS #47179 Virginia Charlottesville Charlottesville HS #47195 Virginia Chatham Chatham High School #47208 Virginia Chester Thomas Dale High School #47220 Virginia Chesterfield Matoaca High School #47057 Virginia Christiansburg Christiansburg High School #47168 Virginia Courtland Southampton High School #47235 Virginia Culpeper Eastern View High School #47250 Virginia Daleville Lord Botetourt High School #47253 Virginia Danville George Washington High School #47255 Virginia Dendron Surry County HS #47526 Virginia Emporia Greensville County HS #47275 Virginia Fairfax J W Robinson Sec Sch #47295 Virginia Falls Church Stuart High School #47315 Virginia Floyd Floyd County High School #47328 Virginia Fredericksburg Massaponax HS #47299 Virginia Front Royal Skyline High School #47348 Virginia Galax Galax High School #47350 Virginia Hampton Bethel High School #47371 Virginia Hampton Hampton HS #47375 Virginia Harrisonburg Harrisonburg High School #47385 Virginia Henrico Hermitage High School #47575 Virginia Henrico Henrico High School #47591 Virginia Henrico Varina High School #47188 Virginia Herndon Herndon High School #47395 Virginia Highland Springs Highland Springs High School #47400 Virginia King George King George High School #47376 Virginia Lorton South County High School #47428 Virginia Lynchburg E C Glass High School #47435 Virginia Lynchburg Heritage High School #47440 Virginia Lynchburg Liberty University #47431 Virginia Lynchburg Virginia Episcopal School #47445 Virginia Manassas Stonewall Jackson High School #47451 Virginia Martinsville Martinsville High School #47460 Virginia Mclean Mclean High School #47463 Virginia Mechanicsville Hanover High School #47468 Virginia Mechanicsville Lee-Davis High School #47466 Virginia Midlothian Manchester High School #47222 Virginia Mineral Louisa County High School #47226 Virginia Montross Washington Lee High School #47228 Virginia N. Chesterfield Monacan High School #47595 Virginia Newport News Denbigh High School #47480 Virginia Newport News Heritage High School #47488 Virginia Nokesville Brentsville District High School #47489 Virginia Nokesville Patriot High School #47494 Virginia Onley Nandua High School #47515 Virginia Petersburg Richard Bland Coll #47525 Virginia Petersburg Virginia State University #47530 Virginia Powhatan Powhatan High School #47500 Virginia Purcellville Loudoun Valley High School #47659 Virginia Richmond Virginia Union University #47593 Virginia Richmond John Marshall High School #47585 Virginia Richmond Thomas Jefferson High School #47605 Virginia Richmond Thomas Jefferson High School (Sunday Test Center) #47606 Virginia Roanoke Patrick Henry High School #47615 Virginia Roanoke William Fleming High School #47608 Virginia Springfield Robert E Lee High School #47650 Virginia St George Blue Ridge Sch #47656 Virginia Stafford Colonial Forge High School #47629 Virginia Stafford Mountain View High School #47000 Virginia Stafford North Stafford High School #47628 Virginia Staunton Robert E Lee High School #47660 Virginia Suffolk King'S Fork High School #47686 Virginia Suffolk Lakeland High School #47678 Virginia Tangier Tangier High School #47690 Virginia Tappahannock St Margarets School #47695 Virginia Tazewell Tazewell High School #47700 Virginia Victoria Central High School #47900 Virginia Williamsburg Lafayette HS #47745 Virginia Winchester Millbrook High School #47776 Virginia Wise University Of Va At Wise #47760 Virginia Woodbridge C D Hylton Sr High School #47778 Virginia Woodbridge Forest Pk High School #47773 Virginia Woodbridge Garfield High School #47775 Virginia Woodstock Massanutten Mil Acad #47781 Virginia Yorktown Grafton High School #47791 West Virginia Bluefield Bluefield High School #49105 West Virginia Charleston U Of Charleston #49115 West Virginia Glenville Glenville State College #49122 West Virginia Hedgesville Hedgesville HS #49116 West Virginia Logan Logan Senior HS #49134 West Virginia Morgantown West Virginia University #49135 West Virginia Ona Cabell Midland HS #49137 West Virginia Pt. 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Friday, February 21, 2020

Case analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Case analysis - Coursework Example At the moment the voices against higher profits are muted. However they are bound to grow over time as poor bank members become disillusioned. The banks need more resources and professional management. To acquire these they will need to go public and attract investors. The dilemma is how to raise capital without hurting poor members and please investors who expect high returns. Going public will make it difficult to find a balance between fiduciary responsibilities and social good. As result pressure is mounting on the banks to lower their interest rates which will lead to lower profit margins. With lower profit margins the banks leadership will need to device a means of providing financial services to the poor and simultaneously meeting fiduciary duties of stakeholders. Because of the IPO’s microfinance banks have reported improved transparency and reporting and profits are now shared among the poor members and foreign stockholders. The strategies GMCR/Keurig used to fuel growth included developing a strong brand and character, delivering products consumers are passionate about, good distribution and relationship networks and innovation. Other strategies are strategic acquisitions, changing consumer behavior, being aware of and meeting consumer demands, provision of convenience and choice for the consumer, differentiation, quality, personalized service, speed and ease of use, licensing agreements and collaboration with regional industrial players, quality products and easy to use features, wider choice and licensing agreements that enabled rapid expansion. The prices were low and products accessible and they were innovative in product development. GMCR/Keurig external environment include competition, financial, marketing and operating factors, the economically stagnant US market, socially changing habits’ of consumers in Asia, Europe and coffee producing countries, changes in consumer